Skyjack Electric Scissor Lifts 8831 RT / 8841 RT are very fuel efficient. Powered by GM 1.6L Vortec dual fuel engines, Skyjack’s robust axle based 4WD system results in 30% gradeability. The SJ 8831 and SJ 8841 feature working heights of 11.4m and 14.5m, respectively. Both models are drivable at full height, with capacities ranging to 900kg allowing for maximised productivity. As with every Skyjack model, these units use an analog based control system, featuring Skyjack’s standard colour coded and numbered wiring, for ease of troubleshooting. Skyjack Electric Scissor Lifts 8831 RT / 8841 RT, in conclusion, are perfect for those heavy duty outdoor worksites which require high reach and stable platforms.


  • Axle based 4WD
  • “No Spin” rear differential and limited slip front different
  • Disc brake system on rear axle
  • 29hp Kubota Diesel engine on roll out tray
  • Independent/auto levelling outriggers
  • Self-centering scissor design
  • Dual 1m~ 2m roll out extension decks
  • Analog control system
  • Colour coded and numbered wiring system
  • 30% gradeability
  • Grip lug~ foam-filled tyres
  • Wiring for AC outlet on platform
  • Tilt alarm with drive and lift cut-out
  • Overload sensing system
  • Flashing light
  • Operator horn
  • Fold down hinged railing system
  • Half height spring hinged gates on sides
  • Lanyard attachment points
  • Scissor guards
  • Tie down / lift lugs

Skyjack 8831 RT

Working height: 11.4 m
Platform height: 9.4 m
Capacity: 909 Kg
Closed dimensions (transit): 2.7 x 3.5 x 2.2 m
Unit weight: 5~684 Kg

Skyjack 8841 RT

Working height: 14.5 m
Platform height: 12.5 m
Capacity: 681 Kg
Closed dimensions (transit): 2.9 x 3.5 x 2.2 m
Unit weight: 6~173 Kg



Rough Terrain Scissor Lift




9.4 m / 12.5 m


5,684 Kg / 6,173 Kg



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