The new Aerial Platform RAGNO XTJ 48.1 has entered now in production, replacing the previous model XTJ 48, with important change and improvements. With 49.2 meters maximum working height19.3 m outreach and 330 kg capacity to basket (as optional), this machine is ready to satisfy the most difficult access in total safety and stowed dimensions (8898 mm long, 1450 mm to 1900 mm wide thanks to the extendable undercarriage and 2536 mm high).

Also this model, as all the range, is available on tracks and wheel and with Bi-energy (Diesel+AC) and ECO (DC+AC) to cover all indoor and outdoor applications with full versatility.

RAGNO XTJ 48.1 is equipped with all the last RAGNO generation devices, such as
– COS (Clever Outreach System)

The system selects the optimal outreach automatically, according to the stabilisers’ position
– ACD (Advanced Control Diagnostic)

Through a colour touch screen monitor, the user gets very advanced diagnostic functions
– EPC (Electric Power Controller)

The electronic control of the electric motor gets the best power optimization, with constant supply independently from the movements
– VDM (Variable Displacement Hydraulic Motors)

The variable displacement allows to get top speed when there’s no need of precision and to reduce it when an accurate control is required

The controls allow to run multiple operations simultaneously: even more than three operations can be performed at once and smoothly, thanks to a hydraulic distributor with the latest generation technology flow Sharing.

The control box in the cage is made in fibreglass, with modern design, with two joysticks and buttons for a complete control of the machine. Fully protected for outdoor operations, with a mobile cover to close it when the machine is not in use and to protect it from rain and dust.

The ground control is radio type, to allow the operator to control the machine without cables.

The design and finishing are very accurate, the wires and pipes are located in protected positions to avoid break, the components and hydraulic connections are well protected by covers to grant the max reliability as well as the under carriage is protected from bumping on difficult grounds.


  • From -4 to +49 m metres with agility and precision. Multi-telescopic main boom and telescopic upper jib allow a direct approach at all heights with zero tail swing.
  • Variable positions for each outrigger leg offer multiple set-up configurations.
  • 360° continuous boom slewing is allowed under all outriggers’ positions.
  • Available on retractable rubber tracks and on wheels with DC power pack.
  • Working areas with 120, 230 and 330 kg s.w.l. are constantly monitored by automatic « area manager » safety system.
  • Hydraulic wire-winch (500 kg) is interchangeable with the cage.





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