The octagonal design of the boom and the use of steel Strenx SSAB ensure stability and rigidity in the working phase, enabling the user to work in perfect safety and ergonomics.


  • Telescopic boom (3 elements) (main boom + 2 extensions)
  • Extra long main jib with double extension and 180° swivelling angle
  • Secondary jib with 180° swivelling angle
  • Hydraulic and electric supply fitted on cable carrier chain inside main boom and jib
  • Automatic management system of secondary jib movements
  • 570° slewing turret on bearing turntable and gear motor with negative hydraulic brake
  • Ground control station with remote umbilical cord controls
  • Turret and basket control station with multifunctions integrated display
  • Proportional electro hydraulic controls with simultaneous manoeuvres (ergonomic joysticks)
  • Vehicle cab anti-collision devices
  • Automatic basket and boom centring device
  • Automatic steady tangential speed management system
  • Automatic return to transport position
  • Intercom communication device integrated on control station
  • Engine start/stop control from basket and ground
  • Hydraulically extendable (2400/3600 x 900 x 1100 mm) aluminium basket
  • 90° Right + 90° Left hydraulic rotating basket
  • Electronic basket levelling
  • Basket load sensing device
  • Automatic working range delimitation (180°) with outriggers extended only on one side (left/right)
  • Working range with outriggers not extended (narrow jacking)
  • Auxiliary stand-by electro-hydraulic power pack~ supplied by truck battery
  • Water or compressed air socket in the basket
  • 230V AC CE Electric socket in the basket



Truck Mounted Platform




43 m


600 Kg



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