The CTE B-LIFT 17 is an eco-friendly machine, with fully electrohydraulic proportional controls and the variable speed engine depending on the maneuvers used, allow to reduce fuel consumption contributing to protecting the environment (less air pollution, noise) and make CTE B-LIFT 17 the ideal vehicle for use in residential areas.

It has versatile controls by controlling the speed of the maneuvers in both acceleration and deceleration, CTE B-LIFT 17 provides smooth and precise movements. In addition, the engine speed control makes it easy to repeat the most frequent operations. The wired ground station with 7m cable allows the movement of the aerial part from the ground with a visibility of the whole work area and in full safety for the operator on the ground and in the basket. The innovative remote console is housed in a specific box on the platform deck.

CTE B-LIFT 17 is provided with a diagnostic control system that allows tracking of any faults even remotely thus reducing the time of intervention for the restoration of the functions of the machine.

There is also an electric version available, ideal for work inside buildings or areas where emissions pollutants are not permitted and is required low level of noise. The batteries provide 1.5 hours of work continuous and are recharged during driving up or from a 220V socket.


  • 400° Turret rotation
  • Smooth proportional controls with acceleration and deceleration ramps
  • CAN BUS electronic management system
  • Ground control station with 7m cable wired console
  • Diagnostic display on board
  • Automatic engine rpm management
  • Engine start/stop control from the basket and the ground
  • Anti-slip aluminium deck



Truck Mounted Platform




16.6 m


80/250 kg


11.3 m



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