In CTE B-LIFT 150 platforms both the extension cylinder and the electrical and hydraulic systems are inside the arm, protected from weathering and debris. The electrical system and catenary housed inside the arm are protected from getting caught up with other elements during operation. The design has been conceived to access awkward areas thanks to its compactness.The command station is protected by a cover protecting it from accidental damage by falling debris or bad weather.


  • Non continuous turret rotation ±190°
  • Two section telescopic boom (base + 1 extension)
  • Slewing turret 380° non-continuous
  • Fully Hydraulic controls
  • Basket load capacity 200 kg
  • Rotating basket ± 75°
  • Automatic basket levelling
  • Basket load sensing device
  • Electrical and hydraulic hoses mounted inside of booms
  • Ground control station with electric panel controlling stabilisation
  • Truck cab anti-collision safety device
  • Engine start/stop from basket
  • Electronic outreach limiting device with double board for cross checking
  • Electric socket 240V AC in the basket
  • Aluminium basket
  • 4 hydraulic stabilisers with ground sensors
  • Australian Certified



Truck Mounted Platform





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