Spider Lifts For Sale

Setting the benchmark in “value for money”.  When you want the most out of your investment, you need versatility across a range of applications and that is what our range of “Spider lifts” are all about.

Spider Lifts are an advanced design EWP machine known for their high utilisation, giving maximum versatility for both internal and external applications. Coupled with narrow access capabilities, dual power sources, the ability to level up on uneven undulations and lighter weights for floor loadings and transport-ability.

They are – The “SWISS ARMY KNIVES” of work Platforms. These machines have changed how we do our work, in reducing our business operational costs when working at heights with more versatility and utilisation than any other EWP, in more areas coupled with reduced transport costs from site to site.

Our Range of Spider Lifts

With the unmatched “CTE-TRACCESS” Spider lifts from 13m – 23m range, to the more serious high level “PALAZZANI-RAGNO” (Italian for Spider, the original) range of industrial machines covering the 25 – 52m (the worlds largest).  They are the savvy business owner’s choice for utilisation and reliability. Be sure to ask about available finance at great rates. Delivery nationwide.

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What Are Spider Lifts?

Spider lifts have the reach of standard access equipment but are built on a narrow lightweight chassis, they run on tracks, and have four spider legs must be lowered for the basket to stabilise the platform. This is what gives spider lifts their stability, their name and some of their many advantages over scissor lifts

What Industries Are Spider Lifts For?

Spider lifts are particularly useful if you need an elevating work platform and have to work at heights and you also dealing with limited operating space or narrow access restrictions.

Many owners also say that spider lifts are the machine they use the most often for elevated platform work. Most also find they get the job done faster with a spider lift than they do with scaffolding or another type of EWP.

This means they one of the best aerial platforms to own in terms of productivity, usability and return on investment.

Industries like these are often dealing with this type of situation where spider lifts are a great solution:

  • Arborists, & Tree Loppers and Forestry
  • Builders
  • Restoration contractors
  • Construction companies,
  • Councils & Government Departments facilities management,
  • Electrical Power Distributors
  • Rental and access hire and wet access hire contractors

They are also high quality and high demand rental equipment for a hire company.

The Benefits Of A Spider Lift

Accessing The Work Area

Now imagine you’re in the tree care industry and need to work on some trees in a bushland area. The working area is sloping and undulating.

The space between the trees is narrow so it is difficult to get mounted booms and other machinery into the area and move it around.

This is not a problem for a range of spider lifts.

You can unload it from your trailer or truck and drive it into the work area on its tracks. Our Traccess spider lifts are able to climb a 30° slope and have just a 2.8 m footprint. You can easily drive them between trees, down paths and through gates. Heck, you can even drive them through a standard door.

This would not be the case if you are trying to use a scissor lift or a boom lift. Most likely, you wouldn’t be able to get them into the area because they are both too wide and in most cases, they would not be a climb the slopes.

Getting The Work Done Speedily

Then when you get there and you are pruning or topping trees, it’s important that you are able to get to the height that you want and to be able to maneuver the work platform basket into a comfortable working angle. This is where a spider lift really comes into its own.

They are highly maneuverable. Once you’ve got the outriggers set and the levelling sorted out, you are able to reach heights of up to 23 m with our range of spider lifts from CTE Traccess.

You can reach significantly higher with our range of spider lifts from Palazzani.

Now it’s not just vertical reach that you’re interested in. You also able to maneuver the basket through the swing of the boom and the rotation of the basket itself. This puts you in the safest and most comfortable working position.

And in making these spider lifts maneuverable there are a lot of things to understand and take into account when you are looking for the best spider lift for the work that you’re going to be doing.


You would be interested in how far out the boom can reach without the platform falling over. The more stable the lift, the further out you are able to reach without having to move the machine closer to the area that you’re working. This all saves time because it is easier to move the arm of the machine that it is to uproot the feet and drive it to a new location.


One of the issues with maneuverability is what we call ‘tail swing’. When you move the boom around, obviously there is some part of the machinery that’s behind you. The more of this that sticks out beyond the back of the machine the more limited you are in the maneuverability of the machine.

One of the major benefits of the ZED format of many spider lifts is that there is almost zero tail swing so you practically don’t need to be worrying about what’s behind you. This also has the added advantage of increasing its maneuverability because you don’t have to move it because something is blocking the swing of the backend of the machine.

Up and Over

A significant advantage of spider lifts that relates to their maneuverability is their ability to go up and over obstructions. So for example, if you have a branch in the way, with a spider lift you can go over it and still be able to reach the area where you want to cut – something that you would not be able to do with a boom lift or a scissor lift.

All these features make spider lifts the most productive and highly utilisable of all of the platform access machines. If you own a spider lift you will be our use it more often and more situations and faster than any other access platform. This makes it a wonderful investment.

Reliability and Simplicity

Of course, you want to use your spider lift as often as you can. So it’s important that when you choose a brand, you choose a machine that is reliable. If you have a car with lots of electronics and bells and whistles, you will know they break down and need servicing more often your older car. And think how much it costs to fix when they do.

This is also the case with Spider lifts the machines with all the bells and whistles are not as reliable and they tend to have higher ownership costs.

We’ve been in this market for over 25 years and have specifically chosen the Palazzani and Traccess machines because they are some of the most reliable machines available on the market across the world.

There are many features that make this so.

One of the key features is that these Spider Lifts don’t have complicated bells and whistles. They are still able to do everything that you need them to but they have the following features:

  • All of the electronics and hydraulic lines are inside the boom so they are protected from the elements, debris getting caught on things and general damage.
  • There is only one control system for the spider lift. This means that you don’t have a duplication of electronics and more things to go wrong. It’s been our experience that one control system is much more reliable, and it certainly lower costs to diagnose what is wrong with it and fix.
  • All of our machines are set up with one working in reach envelope to at least 200 kgs. This means we don’t have two or three sets of weight limiting electronics to go wrong.
  • They all have excellent basket capacity so you can get the work done at height with the equipment you need