Boom Lifts

Boom lifts are an extremely versatile and valuable piece of equipment for handling material and getting various jobs done. Depending on whether you buy a Genie or SkyJack,  there are different boom lifts for sale that will be the right tool for your jobs.

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  • Skyjack SJ 66T

    Skyjack SJ 66T

    Skyjack continues to expand its product base by adding the new SJ 66T to the SJ boom lifts. Built and designed using Skyjack’s robust [...]
    • Type

      Telescopic Boom Lift

    • Manufacturer


    • Height

      21.9 m

    • Weight

      12,111 Kg

    • Reach

      17.4 m

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Boom Lifts Things To Consider

These boom lifts are different from your standard forklift, or similar machinery because boom lifts can access all the tough-to-reach places. Also there is a height difference to consider because different lifts with varying boom types can reach high shelves, while others are for working areas, and they can go up and over various obstacles or dangerous conditions.

You can even purchase lift safety stabilisers that it can provide additional employee security. Boom lifts can be purchased to work on different surfaces, with various mounting accessories. Purchasing the right boom lift will generate a return on the investment over time, however this is not the case when you rent it. Its a matter of knowing why you need it and how to buy one.

Who Can Benefit

Boom lifts are seen in different industries throughout the world.

Manufacturers use them for storage of resources and all types of material.
Warehouses with great height use boom lifts for product storage, and it is also useful for getting around and behind large machines.
Construction companies and utilities organisations find that boom lifts are considerably one of the most useful pieces of equipment critical to the success of the team.

For something that is used so often during the course of a day, it helps to find a reputable place with boom lifts for sale, so you won’t need to rely on a rental company for the success of your team.

How To Choose a Boom Lift

When looking for a boom lift for sale, there are four critical questions to ask and answer:

What is your normal working height range?
What is your usual weight capacity range?
What is your common horizontal reach range?
Will you be working inside or outside?

In addition to these critical factors you should consider safety as a top priority. Getting a cheaper boom lift should not be the main priority, which is why you should look for boom lifts for sale at reputable dealers. Safety is also a good reason to avoid renting boom lifts. Based on experience, safety always becomes an issue when renting used equipment. Buy a reliable machine, and maintain complete service records.


Once you’ve determined the type of boom lift that’s right for you, and figured out how much you plan to invest, you’re ready to begin the process. If you want to leverage other people’s money, you’ll need a lender or we can arrange finance for you.

We can take you through the entire process to select the right options to fit your budget and make a payment plan. You’ll simply need to provide information about your company, however, once you have an approved budget, you can narrow the search for the perfect boom lift for your needs.

Remember that there is no one size formula for everyone because of all the different specifications to consider. You’ll find accessories for your boom lift also, so ask us what can be useful for your business when you are looking for boom lifts for sale.