52mb          Palazzani     RAGNO  XTJ 52

The new RAGNO (Italian for SPIDER), Palazzani XTJ 52, reaching 52m of working height, an outreach up to 20 m and 300 kg of safe work load, is ready to fulfill the most difficult activities at top height successfully, in total safe and with compact dimensions (8700mm length, 1450mm width, 2480mm height).

Available on retractable rubber crawlers and on wheels versions, and is various executions: “Bi-energy” (diesel + AC), fully electric ECO (DC + AC), this important model is completely versatile for every use indoors and in exteriors. <!more–>

Ragno XTJ 52 has the innovative area limiting system engineered by Palazzani, for the automatic limiting of outreach and movements. The control system automatically selects the optimal working area in relation to the positioning of all stabilizers. For example, by setting the stabilizers in the narrow position, the machine has the maximum performance, for a 40° angle, in the front and rear area and a shorter outreach on its side.

For an easy and simple use, Ragno XTJ 52 is equipped with a colour touch-screen display, that is an interface with the electronic control of the entire equipment and gives the user a very advanced diagnostics of the whole machine. The system, in addition, highlights any anomalies of the sensors and detects a possible error of the operator by providing him with related recommendations.

Greater accuracy for the finishing and details. Cables and hydraulic pipes passages are well positioned, to avoid damage and imperfections. All the hydraulic components and couplings are sheltered in their cases, to secure great reliability.

The cables and the hydraulic pipes of the removable jib are actually sheltered in the cable chains, which are always shielded, even when the jib is outreached, by means of aluminium cases, to avoid breakage in the event of hitting an obstacle, or from materials fall. Also the joints of the chains for the main arms lifting/lowering are shielded, to prevent from material obstruction. In addition, the undercarriage zone is fully shielded to avoid damages to the flexible pipes when the machine moves on uneven ground, like in rural areas, where shrubs and objects may damage the hydraulic joints.

To make its inside use (churches, shopping centres, museums and so on) easier, Ragno XTJ 52 is equipped, in addition to the main diesel engine, with two electric motors: 230 V and 380 V. The 230 V AC motor, powered directly from the mains, is used to operate the Platform and it makes possible an optimal utilization of the energy from the mains. Furthermore, the motor may optionally be controlled by an electronic device that smartly controls the speed of rotation depending upon the load: this device assists the operator saving electric energy. The 380 V AC motor has an output power of 5.5 kW and allows the machine to do every action at speeds very close to those performed by the diesel engine.

The hydraulic motors that move the tracks of the XTJ52, use a Variable Displacement technology that gives high moving speeds, and at the same time, when necessary, extremely slow, “with precision” speeds, in order to operate in narrow places and on delicate floors.

Thanks to these motors and to the optimal balance of the structure, it is possible to climb a max slope of 40° in total safety.

The control panel in the cage is made from a fibre glass structure, shaped in a modern style, that incorporates two joystick sand a button panel for the full control of the machine. The level of protection is good for outside works; the console can however be provided with a mobile protection, so that it cannot be accessed during breaks at work, with total protection of the instruments against rain and dust.

The wireless remote control panel allows, using a radio frequency technology, to operate the XTJ 52 also from the ground.

Ragno XTJ 52 was launched at the BAUMA, in Munich, in April 2013, and the first two machines (one tracked, the other wheeled) have already been delivered to China