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Melbourne based hire company LIFTMAN has worked with Platform Sales since their conception back in 2010. The owner Jon Nixon says; their aim was to provide a service with a difference, one where Liftman would provide the lift with an experienced operator to get the clients to those hard to reach areas. The problem is the variety of  jobs and access situations we have to deal with on a day to day basis, no job is the same.

He first started out with a Nifty T120 Trailer mounted unit and soon found that he was often restricted with height and access issues. With the assistance of Platform Sales, he decided to invest in the CTE – ZED20, Truck mounted tower. Liftman soon became a hit with 20m of available height, 9.5m of outreach with set up footprint width of only 2.2m. This enabled a more compact, versatile, and transportable solution in a truck mounted unit. making transiting from job to job faster.

Liftman found with  more and more difficult site access and setup issues, he needed another machine that was able to deliver a higher utilisation and be transportable. The Palazzani TSJ25 was his final choice, the industrial version Spider built by the original spider concept manufacturer, PALAZZANI,  gave extra height and outreach with the ability of reduce dimension and weight. This combination with the CTE-ZED20 and PalazzaniTSJ25 has enabled Liftman to deliver an access solution for the most difficult of situations for their clientele.

Today Liftman has grown into unique and diverse specialised lift hire business with the ability to access up to 25m (around 8 storey), providing a personalised service for many service based business’s and residents within the Melbourne metro area.

Keep kicking them goals Jon.

Make work easy with CTE & Palazzani

The configuration of the CTE: Zed20 style tower is unmatched especially when it comes to facade area type works such as window cleaning, painting, signage waterproofing and is also ideal for tree works. The Zed boom system allows for vertical raise and lower to cover broad surface areas more fluently thus reducing operational time by a half to two thirds, Tests by Platform Sales has shown rapid works jobs that previous could not be completed in under 3 hrs have now been reduced to 1 hour and 10 minutes. This is achieve with the Zed function within the lower boom design coupled with electro hydraulic proportional controls that make for ease of operation and better positioning of the basket for a safer conduct of works. CTE’s range of ZED version truck mounted units range from 17m to 32m and will suit smaller chassis in comparison to the Australian designed units.

CTE are a leading supplier in the UK & European Hire industry providing the latest in design technologies and unmatched reliability, Their philosophy is built around smart design incorporating simplicity, less is more as they say. and their motto; Make work easy, really does sum them up.  CTE are a family based company and is now the largest of the Italian EWP manufacturers now servicing 5 continents World wide with a general build turnover of over 1000 towers per year.

Palazzani Spider

The Palazzani TSJ 25 is one of the small of the range 25m – 52m, built by the original spider concept engineers Palazzani. Their background in this Specialised EWP area is deeply entrenched when it comes to their expertise compared to other manufacturers in this class. and once again a family owned company, they provide a more personal approach to their clientele for machines that are true performers with simplicity a key factor.


For more information on the products that john has chosen, contact Platform Sales for more information and expert advise