Genie has launched the new 135ft SX-135XC (eXtra Capacity) telescopic boom lift in Seattle

The 135ft SX-135XC has an outreach of 27.43 metres and working height of 43.15 metres with basket capacities of 300kg unrestricted and 454kg restricted. The telescopic jib extends from 5.48 to 9.14 metres and has 125 degrees of articulation – 55 degrees down to 70 degrees up – and can tuck under the main boom for easier transportation.


The SX-135XC is mounted on a smaller version of the X chassis used on the 180ft SX180, 150ft SX-150 and ZX-135. The three section boom and two section telescopic jib, provides a maximum outreach of 27.43 metres and a working height of 43.15 metres. Platform capacities with the standard 2.44 metre tri-entry basket with side-swing gate are 450kg with the telescopic jib retracted – giving an outreach of 23.8 metres – or 300kg unrestricted.

The new lift has a – 3.94 x 4.11 metre footprint, when fully extended, using the new ‘mini Xchassis’ design, which extends and retracts in the same way as the larger models, but is only two thirds the width. When retracted the chassis is 2.49 x 4.11 metres and overall transport length is 13.3 metres. Total weight is 21,727kg. Genie says the SX-135XC is transportable on a standard trailer with no over width or over height permits required in North America.

Tail swing is 1.14 metres and ground clearance 380mm, the SX135 can also reach up to six metres below ground level and reaches full height in 150 seconds. Four-wheel drive and four-wheel steer. are standard, while power is supplied by a Deutz Tier 4/Stage 3B diesel.

Adam Hailey, director of product management said: “With three metres more outreach and 32 percent more capacity than typical self-propelled boom of this size, the SX-135XC boom is ideal for rental customers working on challenging applications with its unique up-and-over style capability to navigate obstacles at height. “All XC models also include a new low-maintenance load sense cell technology that monitors the weight on the platform and disables function if the load exceeds the platform load limit.”


The SX-135XC complies with the overload restriction guidelines in the proposed ANSI A92 and CSA B354 industry standards in North America, as well as the current European EN280 and Australian AS 1418.10 standards.

This is a very interesting development from Genie, and should prove to be a popular model with its telescopic jib and additional outreach, not to mention the below ground capability and higher unrestricted capacity. Clearly the new model will go up against the JLG 1350 SJP which will put pressure on it to follow suit, adding the tele-jib from the 1500?

Genie customers are also likely to call for this new mini X chassis to be used on the ZX-135 which currently uses the bigger chassis from the SX 180.