A few months back The Cessnock Correctional Prison took delivery of a CTE-Traccess 135 for maintenance of the new high-security prison.

Open plan accommodation cubicles in each of the housing quadrants is a new concept for Australian prisons, and the main issues were around the doorway access and aisle ways in the new accommodation design. The task was to supply a machine that could enter the doorways at only 950mm with limited turn areas to access the accommodation areas. The next task was to provide set up to cover the full ceiling maintenance of cameras, sensors, lighting and other electrical and fire services. The layout provided many obstacles such as fixed tables and seating along with narrow aisle ways that limited the setup areas to access the 8.5m ceilings.

Lend Lease had challenged all other manufacturers, with all agreeing the Traccess 135 was the only machine that could come close to the task required.

Off the plans, it looked somewhat of a challenge for any of the machines, but the CTE Traccess 135 proved capable with some smart measuring off the plans. along with my confidence in the Traccess machines. The worst case areas were at the back end of the aisles, and the solution was to back the machine to the wall, placing the stabilisers in the aisle at the rear and into the cubicle doorways. Raising the machine so that the turret would clear the1500mm cubicle walls. This only applied to two setups to cover the worst case areas in each of the accommodation quadrants.

As the facility was not completed the unit could not be checked on site to verify, and from the feedback of Lend Lease, no other machine was capable of being able to service the facility.

On delivery of the machine, when the facility was opened, the staff were trained in the use of the new Traccess 135 and were shown the approach in setting up the machine in the appropriate areas to facilitate 99% of the required ceiling areas in the accommodation quadrants.

Unfortunately, we were unable to capture footage of the machine in its element due to security concerns, though the prison staff are shown getting familiar with the unit before working in the more difficult areas.

Once again, the CTE Traccess has outperformed all other machines for optimum access, set up and unrestricted out-reach performance in the specialised class of Spider lifts

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