Having recently acquired a brand new Distributorship with Genie Australia for their Aluminium Lifters, we have decided to re-release our website! With updated products and information, as well as an interface that is easier to interact with, we trust that our brand new layout will assist you to browse our broad range of machines and choose the perfect fit for your business.


Trucks and Track EWPs

CTE Traccess Spider Lifts

Palazzani Spiders

CTE Truck Mounted Lifts

Other Platform Lifts and AWPs

Genie Material Lifts

Mast Lifts

Rough Terrain Scissor Lifts

Diesel Articulating Booms

Electric Boom Lifts

Electric Scissor Lifts

Diesel Telescopic Boom Lifts

Trailer Lifts


Various accessories including LODAX stabilisation pads, Service Logbooks and harnesses to ensure the proper and safe operation of your machine.

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